Client Stories

Client Stories

Client Stories

Here are some stories from individuals who have benefited from our services.


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Below we have some personal stories of positive experiences.

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Tina's Story

Tina's Story

“Tina,” a mother of 4 daughters, initially came in for diapers and later decided to participate in one-on-one parenting classes. Each week she returns excited to share how she’s applied some of the instruction she’s learned and the outcomes that she’s experiencing. Each week she comes ready to learn more and frequently thanks us for helping her engage more effectively in her affections and instructions towards her children.

Sierra's Story


Nine year old “Sierra,” attended ACPC Life Services’ pre-teen prevention course, Beautiful Awakening, along with her mother. Over the course of a few months, “Sierra” read through the class materials. An agency representative on behalf of the family called ACPC to thank us and say how impressed she was with the difference this material and discussion had made in this girl’s life from her attitude to her appearance.

Jessica's Story


“ACPC is a wonderful organization. Through the course of taking one-on-one classes, I gained the much needed knowledge and confidence to become a first time parent. The classes helped me to learn all the correct things for a baby, such as the calming senses to comfort my newborn. I really enjoyed the fact I had so much help and support with any issue I needed to discuss or feel better about. I feel ACPC had an enormous role in preparing me for motherhood and in personal growth into an overall better person. I myself have recommended and tried telling as many other parents and expecting mothers of their services and all the wonderful help ACPC center provided and continues to provide for me. “
-Jessica, Client – ACPC Life Services

Arianna's Story


“Arianna” was a walk-in client who openly shared about her drug use during her pregnancy. Over the course of 18 months she faithfully came in, sometimes in a crisis, but most often ready to learn. She’s received a joint effort of support and often brings up a specific incident of her appreciation for having a safe, nurturing place to come to who challenges her to be the best woman/mother that she can be. She sees that God has placed her here at ACPC, surrounding herself with people who have nothing to gain from her but who care about her and her life beyond today. She is setting and pursuing realistic goals to within a few years transition from full reliance on government assistance into becoming more self-sufficient.

Kimberly's Story


“Kimberly,” a student at CSU-Pueblo, came in for a pregnancy test two days before her scheduled abortion. She came to ACPC even though she and the father had already decided to abort because she felt “rushed.” She stated that she had never believed abortion was a good choice and even had spoken with her sister, a nurse, about her situation and the sister warned her against it. Despite feeling uncomfortable, “Kimberly” had scheduled the abortion because the father was not ready to have a child and felt comfortable with the abortion decision. She felt she would have ample support to parent from both her family, as well as the father’s family if they knew about the pregnancy, but didn’t feel ready to talk to them about it. She also stated that she wished the father could be open to hear all of the adverse effects of abortion. During the ultrasound, no heartbeat could be detected as she was a bit early, so she was informed that since viability could not be established that day, there was no need to proceed forward with the abortion appointment. She stated she felt very relieved to be able to cancel the abortion appointment and give herself more time to consider the options. Options counseling was offered to her father, but he declined.

“Kimberly” later came in for a re-visit and viability was confirmed. She felt emotional, but just didn’t know what to do or who to please. Since her mom was listed as one of her major supporters, the ACPC advocate encouraged her to share the news with her mom as this is someone she had counted on in the past to help guide her with major life decisions. At a later date, the ACPC advocate called and “Kimberly” stated that she had decided to share the news with her mom, who was able to talk through all of her concerns with her and reassure her she would have the families strong support to help her raise this child.

During the phone call, “Kimberly” said,
“Thank you for being the voice of reason
when I shut myself off from the people
I trust the most!”

“Kimberly” chose life and is seeing her doctor on a regular basis.
She has the support of her family, as well as the father and his family.

Liz's Story


“Liz” came in as a patient at ACPC Women’c Clinic, stating she had been off of heroin for five months and that she had temporarily lost custody of her two small children due to her drug use. “Liz” stated that she was pro-life, but that there was no way she would have this baby as she couldn’t imagine bringing another baby into her life. During the ultrasound, viability could not be confirmed, so a second ultrasound was scheduled for two weeks later. “Liz” did not come for the re-visit, nor would she answer follow up calls. During a later follow up call, “Liz” did answer the phone and explained that a week after her appointment with ACPC, she had begun spotting and went to ER, where she was told she had spontaneously aborted. She stated that this made her feel very sad. One week after that appointment she began cramping and bleeding again, returned to ER and an an ultrasound revealed a baby, but did not confirm viability. During a later follow-up call, “Liz” asked if she could come back in for a second ultrasound and options counseling. She came in later that afternoon stating that the father was now in prison and getting clean and that custody of her children had been returned to her. She stated that she recognizes lots of support around her through family and said that her heartbreak when she
thought she had miscarried made her realize that she does want the baby. The second ultrasound revealed a viable nine week pregnancy with heart rate of 170! “Liz” teared up and stated,

“Thank God something is there,
I am so relieved. There is no way I am
giving this baby up!”

Katie's Story


“Katie,” a seventeen year old high school student was planning to graduate at the top of her class and attend college in the Fall. When the ultrasound confirmed viability, “Katie” stated that she had always wanted to be a mom, but didn’t’ expect it to happen so soon. She planned to take responsibility and have the baby. The father was supportive as well. During a follow-up call a few days after the initial appointment, “Katie” stated that after revealing the news to her mother, her mother told her she was too young and that the baby would ruin her life as well as the life of the family. She later took away “Katie’s” cell phone and computer until she agreed to have an abortion. “Katie” continued to state that wanted to parent, but was fearful of her mom’s plans for her to abort. Her mom had invited all of her older siblings to come to the house and try to convince her to abort. “Katie” was curious about her rights. The ACPC advocate offered to email a “letter of intent” for her to sign that states her wishes are to parent the baby and if she were to show up at any given abortion clinic, it would be against her will, therefore the clinic would be overstepping the law and her rights. This form, once signed by the patient, is then faxed to abortion clinics around the state. “Katie” requested the form and the proper steps were taken. “Katie” was also concerned due to her mom’s threat to “kick her out” of the home and about how she would be able to finish school if she were to move so close to graduation. There were three phone calls between the ACPC advocate and “Katie” discussing options and possibilities. Eventually the mother did relent and called ACPC and said

“Thank you for the care, guidance and
patience you have shown our family through
this time of shock.”

The mother confirmed our classes were free and stated she would be in full support of her daughter’s decision to parent and attend classes at ACPC Life Services.

Maria's Story


“Maria” came into ACPC Women’s Clinic in a very stressed state. She had recently moved to Colorado with her son and disabled father. Just one month after arriving, “Maria” discovered she was pregnant. After stating that she is not someone who would normally think of having an abortion, she had made up her mind to have one due to her circumstances. “Maria” stated she was feeling very overwhelmed working full time, raising her son and caring for her father, which consumed all of her time. She felt abortion was her only option because moving back to Tennessee would mean she failed her dad. She also stated financial concerns. Once “Maria” had a chance to talk through her fears and concerns, the ACPC advocate provided solutions and options for help for her at home, childcare and grocery help. Tearful throughout the visit, “Maria” wanted to know how in the world she could do everything she needed alone. She left that day with lots of options as well as a box of food from ACPC. She left with a smile on her face, stating,

“I was able to take a deep breath for
the first time in weeks.”

Upon the follow-up call, “Maria” stated that she had decided to parent and had already looked into some of the options discussed. She said,

“I was so touched by your generosity and
patience. I was able to calm down and really
think about the opportunity God was giving
me rather than the burden.”

“Maria” called later to thank ACPC and let us know that she had decided to relocate back to Tennessee because it was best to include the father as well as raise the child near family and with familial support.

Shanyka's Story

Hello my name is Shanyka Figueroa and I am currently 23 years old. I have a son named Adrian Bernardo Jr. who is 2 years old. When I found out I was pregnant, I was scared but also excited at the same time. I didn’t know what to do because I didn’t have any income, a job or anything. All I had was my family support. ACPC was very helpful in giving me different options on how to handle my situation. The ladies were so nice and polite to me. It’s a wonderful place to go to if you are a first time parent who is expecting. ACPC also has plenty of support and classes as well.

The joy that I find in my son up until today gives me complete happiness. He is a very healthy baby boy who is my pride and joy.  He completes me and his father and I don’t know where I would be without him. He definitely does grow fast, and he always is smiling and constantly active. I would have never finished school if it wasn’t for my family and my son. I just recently became a GED graduate from Intellitec. I do want to try to go to college and be successful in the future for my family. If any young girls out there are looking for a place to go to for help, support or first time pregnancy confirmation, I would definitely recommend ACPC to every girl and family.

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