A Caring Pregnancy Center Mobile Medical Unit

We’d like you to know us even better!


A Brief History

Pueblo Crisis Pregnancy Center was incorporated in 1984 by a group of concerned citizens who wanted to provide alternatives to women considering abortion in the Pueblo community by offering free pregnancy tests with peer counseling, maternity and baby supplies.

Through the years, Pueblo Crisis Pregnancy Center, Inc. did business as Women’s Pregnancy Center and since 1992, A Caring Pregnancy Center (ACPC).  

In 2007 medical services were added as ACPC Women’s Clinic, providing services which included pregnancy testing, ultrasound scanning and eventually STI testing and treatment.

In 2018, ACPC went mobile and began offering pregnancy testing, ultrasound and pregnancy options education all over Southern Colorado with the help of our Mobile Medical Unit (MMU), a.k.a Ann the Van.

ACPC Core Values

Love, Honesty, Spirituality, Bravery

Love activates, empowers and encourages the growth of our other core values. Love is the ideal touchstone and the ultimate facilitator. At ACPC, participants become neighbors as our staff coach, empathize with, and encourage others to love themselves, their family, and their community.

For us, honesty has to go beyond what is legally defensible. Honesty is demonstrated by what we say and by what we do. It impacts our entire life; our jobs, our relationships, our own feelings about ourselves and the actions we take. At ACPC, we vow to deliver honest truths with compassion during each and every encounter we have.

We recognize that we are more than just physical beings with emotional needs.  We are spiritual beings and have spiritual needs. At ACPC, we will strive to view each client through God's eyes and treat every interaction as God ordained.  We vow to strive for Godly spiritual discipline in our lives as well as to be sensitive to the Spirit's leading in all things.

For people whose vocation is serving others, courage is needed to persevere and be “whole-hearted” in the often overwhelming circumstances in which we are trying to make a difference—whether that be in the life of child, patient, or community. We at ACPC will help our clients be courageous and to see past their current crisis.

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Oh! The Places They’ll Go!

This year, 2019, marks 35 years of ministry for A Caring Pregnancy Center!

ACPC has done a lot for the community over the last 35 years, but we aren’t focusing on the past - we are looking to the future and how we can have an even greater impact on future generations.

Over 200 lives were saved at ACPC Women’s Clinic last year.

That’s enough to fill 8 Kindergarten classrooms! Every life has such incredible potential. Take a moment and imagine with us - Oh! the places they’ll go!


Now that you know a little more about us, we would like to get to know you! We’d love for you to come in for a tour and see what every day life is like here at ACPC or give us a call and ask us anything!