ACPC's Community Impact

A Caring Pregnancy Center Community Impact

We have updated our year end statistics and we are so proud to report that through your generous support and partnership, ACPC has been allowed to serve 517 new faces in 2017. #ANNtheVan has comfortably driven over 5000 miles across Southern Colorado serving women where they need us. 425 bibles and spiritual literature were received and 187 parents participated in continued family enrichment services. Performing 329 pregnancy tests and 207 ultrasounds, our clinic staff provide continued health care referrals to each patient.

At our Annual Banquet, we announced that 280 women received pregnancy tests and 173 ultrasounds. We can confirm that more than 87 percent of these mothers chose life for their children. The actual number may be even higher, and we look forward to more results like these in the days ahead.

Now that “ANN” is up and running, our goal for 2018 is to have her fully funded through 2020.

When we began our mobile ministry, we vowed that we would never take funds from our existing operating budget for ACPC. That meant we needed to raise the Mobile Medical Unit budget in addition to our current budget. With fuel, insurance, supplies, and salaries for two employees the additional financial obligation of an additional 150-225K would need to be raised in order to accomplish that goal.

We know that God is able and that the people in our community have a heart for what we do at ACPC.

We are asking for people who would be willing to earmark a monthly pledge specifically for our mobile ministry and “ANN.”

We need your support to reach our full potential of offering clinical services to an additional 1,000 women annually. We can do it with your help.