Offering Support for the Pueblo Woman

Did you know that based on information from the Guttmacher Institute,  Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, and census statistics in Colorado we can estimate that 300+ women in our local Pueblo community experience abortion each year?  Of those, 90% will later say they wish they had more information about their options. 

Women need to be trusted with the truth and be given all the resources available to them.  Did you know that all it takes for her to have a safe place to come where she can learn about her pregnancy, where she can meet the child she carries, find support with diapers and baby clothes, be equipped to be the parent God's called her to be, and to find a friend and family who truly care about her and her future only costs $56.00 per month?  With that ACPC is able to meet her at the door and provide a full year's worth of education and support to empower her to choose life and thrive. 

Will you join us as a monthly sponsor? Will you give to support one or more clients this year knowing that the impact you'll have could not only change her life, but can save another? Sign up as a reoccurring donor at and click the orange donate button. Thank you so much for your faithful support.