How Can My Church Get Involved With ACPC?

ACPC & Your Church

We recently released a series of graphics on Facebook regarding statistics of women and their views on church, abortion, and support. Maybe you’ve seen some of them? Did any of them surprise you? Here are a few.

Half (53%) of women agree that churches do not have ministry prepared to discuss options during an unplanned pregnancy.

Half (49%) of women who have had an abortion agree that pastors’s teachings on forgiveness don’t seem to apply to terminated pregnancies.

Three in four (76%) of women indicate local churches had no influence on their decision to terminate their pregnancy.

Notice anything? According to CareNet, a high percentage of women indicated that they have felt unsupported by the church. These numbers may seem discouraging on the surface, but it’s never too late to change the tide in our fight to effectively equip churches in approaching such a sensitive and delicate situation. Here are 6 ways your local church can not only be a light to those in your congregation but also to those who rely on our local pregnancy center for assorted options and resources.

1. Pray (Prayer Team)
Praying is without a doubt one of the most effective ways of showing support for ACPC and those who may be in need of our services. ACPC has a prayer team in place and we’re always looking for more volunteers to join us. Alternatively, you can also create your own prayer team at your church. Specifically, pray for our services, our volunteers, and especially our clients.

2. Choose a Church Point of Contact (POC)
A church POC is someone from your congregation that volunteers to inform the rest of your members about what’s happening at ACPC. That includes upcoming events, classes, fundraisers, or special needs we may have.

3. Become a Life Disciples Church
We have a program written specifically for churches to help them be a haven to women. It is designed to teach the correct language to use, what resources are helpful and how to walk with women who may be undecided. We have the program available on loan for churches to preview.

4. Request a speaker
ACPC would love to come speak to your church about our facility, introduce some of our staff, and answer questions. We can do tabling, short or long presentations, or bring our mobile unit “ANN” for tours. We can speak to the whole church or small groups as well.

5. Partner with us financially
ACPC is a non-profit organization, which means we rely on community support to continue to offer these irreplaceable services to those in Pueblo. Financially supporting us means more clients receive Pregnancy Options Education, Ultrasounds, Family Planning Education, Parenting Classes, Material Support, and much more. Each new donation of $50.00 per month enables us to save one more child from abortion.

6. Sponsor special events
Our two largest fundraising events are the Walk for Life in June and the Annual Fundraising Banquet hosted in November. This is a strong opportunity to encourage your congregation to interactively get involved while supporting our mission.

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